EDI and how it works.


    - EDI with your CUSTOMERS and your VENDORS - Reduce time and costs! -

    Easily integrate EDI with your existing Order Processing system.

    Eliminate Chargebacks - Easily Produce ASN and GS1-128 labels.
    View and print EDI documents in an easy-to-read format.
    Notification of documents sent and not acknowledged.
    Notification of orders received and not invoiced.
    Hold orders received until user specified date.

Feature List

PeerlessEDI, an integrated EDI solution for companies of all sizes.

PeerlessEDI provides all of the capabilities of earlier solutions but, unlike other solutions, PeerlessEDI helps you manage your EDI environment. PeerlessEDI goes beyond the traditional EDI translation software by providing for the seamless integration of EDI with your existing order processing system. PeerlessEDI has been integrated with NCR Counterpoint SQL, Passport Business Solutions, MAS90, MAS200, Axapta, and Realworld.

It also provides the capability for easily re-sending a "lost" document, modifying purchase orders, creating and updating invoices, printing documents and useful management reports. The most recent additions include several packaging and shipping functions to help companies comply with complex EDI order requirements.

If any of the inbound EDI information is not used by your application, PeerlessEDI saves this information and adds it to the outgoing document, without requiring changes to your existing system. PeerlessEDI also has extensive cross-referencing capability to allow you to convert incoming data to the information your system is expecting.

If a document you have sent is not acknowledged, PeerlessEDI will notify you can take action regarding the "lost" document. PeerlessEDI also checks to see that orders received are invoiced within a specified timeframe. If they are not, a warning message is displayed.

If you have a requirement to hold EDI orders for some period of time, PeerlessEDI provides you with that capability.   You can also have orders come in, into Pending Status while you check inventory or select the shipping warehouse.   Warehouses and their current inventory can be displayed on the pending screen.

Outbound EDI -

Outbound EDI allows a company to reduce their order lead time by eliminating many steps in the ordering process. Purchase Orders are pulled directly from the host application and create EDI purchase orders that will be sent to the respective vendors. This does away with the time-consuming process of mailing, faxing, or emailing Purchase Orders. The EDI process includes the return of a functional acknowledgement, so you know if and when the PO was received by the vendor.

During the PO import process, items and their current prices are verified. The entire process can be set up for auto-run, in which case POs are sent soon after they are approved. POs can easily be selected and viewed in the application. The Purchase Order information comes from the Host application and can use Posted PO tables or the PO Requisition tables depending on the company's preference.

When the order is shipped, an Advance Ship Document is sent from the vendor with complete details about the shipment. This document can be reviewed to see complete shipment information and, when the shipment arrives, the individual UCC128 carton labels can be scanned to minimize the time necessary to receive the shipment into inventory. To accommodate for vendors sending multiple shipments for one order, multiple ASNs can be received.

When the ASNs are displayed, the received cartons are marked as received. There is also an exception report that is produced to show shipments against the original Purchase Order.

When the Invoice is received via EDI, it can be viewed and printed and/or the Invoice can be matched against the receiver. All the details can be transferred to the Accounts Payable system for scheduling payment if there is a match to an existing receiver.

The ASN and Invoice processing allow for viewing and correcting errors that might occur, thereby minimizing the manual effort of processing shipments and Accounts Payables.
Peerless Data personnel work with our customers to set up and test each of their vendors to insure a smooth implementation and to make sure all vendors are tested before moving them into production.

For those retailers who also sell through a website, those orders can be transferred to the warehouse using our CompliancePack Shipping solution. This system also verifies the contents of the order to be shipped and sends the information to the shipper with no retyping of Ship To information. Tracking number information can be captured and passed back to the individual placing the web order.

CompliancePack Shipping -

Our comprehensive CompliancePack Shipping System can be used as a stand-alone shipping system or in conjunction with our integrated EDI solution. Our CompliancePack system accepts order and shipment information and produces the GS-128 carton shipping labels and then prepares the Advance Ship Notice (856 document). The order/shipment information can be keyed in, scanned or read from a data file.
You will find that our CompliancePack system is very easy to use and helps prevent packing and shipping errors.

Sample UCC128 Label

If you are just getting started or have low EDI volume, you can use PeerlessEDI as a stand-alone solution and integrate at a future date.

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We also provide out-source solutions for many of our clients. Simply put, you can forget about all the details of EDI.
We worry about and respond to all of your customer's EDI requirements so that you can concentrate on selling your product.

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