(Distribution Pick/Pack Control System)


This very affordable Distribution Pick/Pack Control System, CompliancePack, is an easy to use solution that insures accurate order fulfillment when packing customer shipments. Order information is imported into the CompliancePack system and as items are packed they are scanned and automatically checked against the customerís order. This ensures a fast and accurate order fulfillment. The end result is improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs of inventory restocking, order replacement and charge backs, due to improper order fulfillment.   There is a streamlined process for case or pre-packaged items which does not require that individual items be scanned.   For full case orders, the shipping labels can be printed with bin location codes and used to accurately pick the items in the order.

Packing Screen

When the user first starts CompliancePack, they import orders that are to be packed and shipped.  As the cartons are packed, each item is scanned and placed into the carton.  When the carton is completed, the packer scans the end carton code and the shipping label is printed.  For EDI customers, the shipping labels are EDI compliant.  When the order is completed, the final carton label is printed, along with a packing list, and the order packing details are saved.

If there is any compliance issue, during the packing process, the operator is informed and must correct the problem.  If there is an approved short ship or backorder, the packer can override the "Incomplete Order" error and an updated packing list will be printed.  The user can reprint any carton label if necessary.

After the orders are packed and the shipment is being scheduled, the CompliancePack shipping screen allows the user to group one or more orders into one shipment and assign a Bill-of-Lading number.   After the shipment is complete the pack/shipment information can be returned to your order processing application.

The CompliancePack information can be displayed to aid customer service while responding to requests for shipment information.

If any of the orders that you are packing are for customers that require EDI, the information that is collected can be used to create the ASN (Advance Ship Notice) and GS1-128 Carton Labels.

CompliancePack has passwords to allow the Administrator to isolate the setup and administrative functions as well as creating individual menu choices by user.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your individual needs or to see a live demonstration.   info@peerlessdata.com